Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Preserving Kale in the Freezer

Our Kale plant did very well this year at our community garden.  But since it was at the garden, I haven't used any of it.  We also had one in a pot on our driveway, which was much easier to just go grab a few leaves.  Anyway, I heard someone mention that they just froze it in bags to preserve it, so I decided to harvest our garden plant (or rather, had Kevin do it!).  I washed it and patted it dry.  Make sure you wash it!

Then Rebekah helped squish it into gallon size bags.  We ended up with 2 bags VERY full.  I plan on just breaking a chunk off when I want to use some.  I like to add kale to sauces and soup.  It looks like any other herb when it's chopped up and the kids don't realize they're eating a vegetable!

We also found a really cool bug in it's cocoon type thing...  it wiggled when you bumped it, gross!  The kids thought it was neat, but they were scared to touch it.  I called it science time!

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