Monday, October 14, 2013

Lego Cake for my Birthday Boy

Caleb turned 7!  He wanted a Lego birthday party, so that's what we had.  He really wanted his Lego boat on top of his cake, which I was happy to do for him.  I've been trying to cut out artificial chemicals in our food, and I really didn't want to use food dye on his cake.  This was the perfect solution!

Here he is enjoying lunch with his friends.  They each got to make their own pizza, and we had chips and apples with peanut butter cream cheese dip!  I drew Lego faces on yellow cups for the decorations, which turned out cute!  They built cars out of Legos and then raced them down a ramp (made out of a stack of books and a large cutting board).  Mostly, they just played together though.

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