Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week 9, MFW Adventures & K

I love this picture!  Sometimes one of the bigger kids will "read" Joshua a book while I'm working with the other one.  Caleb's big news from this week is that he finished Singapore 1A!  We'll move on to 1B next week.  Below is his English copy work.  His handwriting is really improving!

For history, we learned about George Washington.  Caleb REALLY loves George Washington.  He's been interested in him since we went to see Mt. Rushmore last year.  He compares everyone else we learn about to him by saying that they weren't as important or famous as George Washington!  Here he is in his tri-cornered hat.  I think we should have made it a bit bigger for him!

Here are the book basket books we looked at (and we also watched a few movies not pictured).  I'll be keeping these for a few weeks as we learn about the Revolutionary War and the birth of our nation!

For science, we discussed the seasons and read a few books.  One day we went outside and picked our neighbors maple tree to draw, and then the next day we drew just one leaf.  We'll be drawing this same tree during all the seasons.  The first pictures are Caleb's and the second ones are Rebekah's.

Caleb had a fit because he couldn't draw a leaf very well, so eventually I let him do a leaf rubbing, but I made him also write a sentence!

Even I drew it!

This was a good week for Rebekah.  We learned about turtles and the bible words were "I don't quit, I persevere".  We read the book, The Tortoise and the Hare, and here she is with the turtle she made.  Later in the week she also made a rabbit puppet.

The big news is she read her first real words!!!  She was so excited to start blending letters and reading! She wanted me to share the picture of the words she read.

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  1. Another awesome week of school! :) Rebecca- awesome job with your reading, and Caleb- I like your leaf. :)

  2. Fun! I didn't use MFW for K, so it's fun to see what we missed. I'm LOVING the older grades, though. We're in CTG this year. :)


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