Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dd - Dinosaur Homeschool Highlights in MFW

We had our first snow this week!  The kids were super excited to go outside and play.  I love the picture below of Rebekah trying to get up!

In school, we learned the letter Dd and all about dinosaurs.  Our bible verse to remember was "Big and small, God made them all".  MFW included a wonderful book in the deluxe package called What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? by John Morris and Ken Ham.  It is a Christian book, explaining that the dinosaurs were created when all the rest of the animals were on day 6 of creation (in the bible).  Did you know that a dinosaur is actually mentioned in the bible?  Read Job 40.

I had a workbook about dinosaurs that I bought at Target for $1 last year.  They had fun doing the mazes, but didn't bother with most of the other stuff.

I also found these lacing dinosaurs at Goodwill this week!  I thought they would be perfect, but they proved to be a little too challenging to do by themselves, which meant melt downs...

My favorite part was making these giant stuffed stegosaurus's.  They are made from paper bags stuffed with newspaper and stapled together.

We also made some dinosaur stick puppets and put on a puppet show, acting out some of the books we read.

I let them watch a Curious George movie that was completely unrelated to our school this week.  George built his own boat in the movie.  So, after Caleb begged me several times, I brought out our box of recyclables and let them try to build a boat.  Caleb built a couple good ones, but Rebekah just really liked putting tape on a cool whip container!  Then they played in the bath tub with their boats!

As usual, our lap book stuff came from DLTK and Homeschool Share.  Rebekah's dog was glued on upside down... oops!

And here are our books from Dd dinosaur.  We were also blessed to be able to take a day trip to a museum to see their dinosaur exhibit, even daddy was able to come!  The kids loved listening to Danny and the Dinosaurs in the car on the way there... and the way home...

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