Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Decorative Dish Towel

I am participating in Tea Rose Home's link party this week, this is my first time, but I have spent lots of time looking at all the other great blogs that post their projects.  So after you're done looking at mine, go check out some of the others!

Do you have some plain dish towels that need a little extra cuteness added?  These make great little gifts too.  I started with a plain white dish towel.  Measure the width of your towel and add 2 inches to that.  Make sure you measure each towel individually because they are not all the same.  Then decide how wide you want your fabric strip to be, I chose about 3 inches.  You need to double that and add 2 inches.  My final dimension was 18 x 8 inches.  Go to your ironing board and iron a 1 inch fold on all 4 sides, and lastly iron the whole thing in half with the long edges together.  Then open your fabric back up and put your towel inside, the edge should be at the fold.  Wrap the 1 inch side fold over the towel, and then fold the whole thing back up and pin.  I hope that makes sense.  Your fabric should be wrapped around the edge of the towel, with no towel showing, and no raw edges of fabric showing either.  Sew the long edge of your fabric with a zig zag stitch, making sure that you catch the long edge of the fabric under the towel too.  Then zig zag stitch the short ends.  And that's it, a cute decorated dish towel. perfect for your kitchen or tucked into a cooking related gift.

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