Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Frilly Apron for a Pregnant Belly

Like my frilly apron?  My son told me it looked like it was from the Laura days, and it kinda does.  With a pregnant belly, I really needed an apron to protect my clothes while cooking.  It's so much easier to get stuff all over you when you're pregnant!  I had some fabric in my stash that someone had given me, so I just used that (thanks Angel).  To see a different apron I've made, click here.  Would you like to make your own apron?  I used the Martha Stewart pattern from my first apron to cut the top piece (the triangular one), then cut a large rectangle about 20 inches long by the width of the fabric.  Then I cut two strips about 6 inches long to make the ruffle on the bottom.  Lastly, two 4 inch strips long to make the straps.

First I made the straps.  Iron your strips in half the long way, open and fold each side to the ironed crease and iron again.  You should have 4 layers once it's all ironed, then sew the open side, turn and sew the folded side so they match.  Then, I zig zag stitched around the entire top piece, and hemmed all sides except the bottom.  Attach your straps where you want them.

Zig Zag the large rectangle, and then hem the sides.  Sew a basting stitch on the long side of the large rectangle, and pull on one of the threads to gather it.  Spread the gathers how you like them and pin before sewing.  I kept most of my gathers in the middle to make room for my belly, but you could spread them out if you're not pregnant.  Follow the same steps to add the ruffle on the bottom, and you're done!


  1. I love this style of apron! You did a great job with it. Thanks for the comment on my site too. :)

  2. Nice apron! Thanks for taking the time to post this, I really appreciate the effort. If my project works, someone else will also!

    1. Thank you. I hope your project works for you!


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