Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby Boy Shower Gift

Rebekah and I went to a baby shower this weekend.  This was her gift: a reversible nursing cover, a diaper and wipes case, two burp clothes, and a tag blanket.  If you want to make a nursing cover, see my post reversible nursing cover.  Look here for the diaper and wipes case and burp clothes. 

The tag blanket was really easy to make.  I used two squares of fabric, one cotton and one fleece.  Cut several 4 inch ribbon strips, fold them in half and pin them with the ends towards the outside of the square (on the right side of the fabric).  Put the fleece on top and sew around, being careful at each ribbon.  Leave a two inch opening for turning.  After turning, top stitch around the square to close the opening, and you are finished!

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