Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bb Butterfly Homeschool Highlights in MFW

Bb Butterfly has been one of my favorite weeks!  We did so many fun things, and we loved observing our real caterpillars turn into butterflies.  Our bible words this week were "God can make me new".  Above is a picture of the kids with their painted butterfly wings, which they used to run around the yard.

We also had a special lunch!  I used refrigerated biscuits and hot dogs to make butterflies!  Cut each biscuit in two pieces and roll into a ball.  Put 4 pieces together in a square and squish a hot dog in the middle.  A small slice in the top of the hot dog makes antenna.  

 I gave them butterfly nets and bug boxes, and they went outside to find some butterflies.  Too bad butterflies don't live in a dirt field!  (It's too early for butterflies here anyway.)  They also did some coloring. 

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar for our literature day, and then made our own caterpillar books.  I had them write the day of the week and then draw the fruit that the caterpillar ate.  

I also found these pictures on this website.  I laminated them and had them sort them from biggest to littlest, littlest to biggest, and then match the same size caterpillar to butterfly.

Here are our books:

I happened to have a Birds and Blooms magazine with an article about butterflies, so they cut that up to put on their folders.

The printables I found are from DLTK and Homeschool Share.

Here is the life cycle of our butterflies.  I think it took almost 4 weeks for them to become butterflies.  We were disappointed that we missed all of them coming out of their cocoons.
1.  Little caterpillars

2.  Big caterpillars

3.  Chrysalis (I'm still not sure why they don't call it a cocoon?) 

4.  Butterflies!

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