Friday, May 25, 2012

Vv Vegetable Homeschool Highlights in MFW

With the weather getting nice, we've been heading outside to spend time at the park with our friends!  I have to admit, this vegetable unit suffered a little because of the nice weather...  But we learned that "God gives me all that I need". Where we live, you can find asparagus growing in the ditches, so my husband took the kids asparagus hunting, a perfect field trip during our vegetable unit.  See a few ways we cooked it here.

 The kids always enjoy cutting pictures out of magazines, so I had them find vegetables in one of my cooking  magazines. 

I found a few printables on Homeschool Share, but Rebekah wasn't in a coloring mood, so she never did hers. 

For our literary day, we read Peter Rabbit, an old favorite of mine.  Rebekah and I drew a map of Mr. McGregor's garden.  She loved it, but I had to do most of the drawing.  We even drew in Peter and Mr. McGregor.  (Caleb was pouting on the couch during this because he wanted to read more books...)

Only two more units and we are done with Kindergarten!!!

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