Friday, May 4, 2012

Ff Frog Homeschool Highlights in MFWK


"I use my tongue wisely" were our bible words this week, for Ff frog.  This was a great way to talk about the importance of being nice to others and not lying!  The picture above is a homemade frog game we made!  I had the kids color a blue pond on a plain file folder.  Then I cut 1 1/2 inch circles on green cardstock using my Cricut.  They glued the "lily pads" in a crazy path and I added brown log shortcuts.  That stack of paper is our question cards.  To play, roll the dice and move your frog that many spaces.  Then pick a card and answer the question.  If you get it wrong you must move back one space.  Here is what's on the game cards:

What is a baby frog called? 
Where do frogs live? 
What do frogs eat? 
What animals like to eat frogs? 
How do frogs catch their food? 
Where do frogs lay their eggs? 
Think of a word that rhymes with FROG. 
What letter does Frog start with?
What letter does Frog end with?
A snake has found you, hop back 2 spaces.
You spotted a swarm of bugs, hop ahead 2 spaces to catch them.
Think of a word that rhymes with HOP. 
Do frogs have webbed feet? 
What are the bible words? 
Give one example of using your tongue wisely.
When should you keep your tongue quiet?
What do frog eggs look like?
You fell off the log, go back 1 space.
Sing “Oh, be careful little tongue what you say” and go ahead 2 spaces.
Hop like a frog 5 times and go ahead 1 space.
What color is a frog?

Here are our lap books:

And our library books:


  1. What fun ideas!! What a good Momma you are.

  2. We did a frog unit earlier in the year...wish I had read this first as I would have added a few of your ideas such as the great lap book!


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