Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Up-cycled Ruffle Cardigan

I love my new up-cycled cardigan!  This gray shirt was the same style as the green one in the picture below, long sleeve, high neck, and a bad fit.  It needed a facelift!  I started by cutting the sleeves off, then cutting the front right up the middle and getting rid of the awful neck line.  I also took 3 inches off the bottom so I'd have some fabric for ruffles.  I made the ruffles just like I did for the yellow t-shirt dress.  A tie finished it off, although, I'm not sure I like the tie since it doesn't lay nice.  What do you think?  I have the green shirt, and a pink one in the same style that are on the chopping block next!

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  1. What about a big fun button to connect the two sides? or even more simply a hook and eye.

    1. I considered a hook and eye, but I wasn't sure. I also considered a small pearl button. After looking at the picture again, I think I really need to change the tie!


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