Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Petal Shirt (Up-Cycled)

I up-cycled my pink long sleeve turtle neck shirt (see pic below of the before) into this adorable petal shirt.  I used the tutorial on Crafterhours to make the petals.  It really is important to put a little pinch in the petal before sewing it on.  I have one that got unfolded as I was sewing and it's laying perfectly flat... Next up, a green shirt in the same style, and then maybe a burgundy one that's a different style, but equally ill-fitting.  Click to see my gray shirt up-cycled into a ruffled cardigan

Here's the all the petals pinned to the shirt.

On another note, I'm seriously upgrading to a really nice digital camera, like the SLR type.  I'd love to hear what kind you have and it's pros and cons.  Thank you in advance!

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