Thursday, May 10, 2012

Simple Joy - My New Bistro Set

Ecclesiastes 7:14 starts with "In the day of prosperity be joyful..."  I started this blog to bring attention to all the things that give me joy.  I don't want to overlook all the simple things that God has blessed me with.  As we recently learned in church, even the poorest Americans are still rich compared to most of the world.  I am rich, this truly is the day of prosperity, and I will be joyful!

Today I am joyful for my new bistro set!  I am excited to have a nice place to sit while watching my kids play outside.  I was just looking at this set at Shopko, but they wanted $120 for it!!!  I actually considered it, but then decided I really didn't want to spend more than $100.  Then yesterday I got an add in the mail from the hardware store, and this set was on the cover for $49.99!  Woohoo!  I also just happened to have a $5 off coupon for the same store, so my grand total after taxes was a little over $47!!!  God blessed me and I didn't even ask Him!

The real blessing though, was my daughter and the cashier.  Rebekah made an art project this week (black paper with colored paper shapes glued all over it).  When she made it, she wanted to give it to a friend, but she didn't know who, I thought we'd take it to church.  Today, she decided to take it to the store and give it to a lady.  She was so proud to be carrying her picture into the store!  I should mention that I never go to this store, so the cashier was a complete stranger.  Rebekah was really shy, as usual, and had me hand the lady her picture.  She was so overwhelmed that a little girl would give her a picture, she kept saying thank you to Rebekah.  I think it made her day, hopefully gave her some joy!  I'm so proud of my daughter!

And Joshua is joyful today too!

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