Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Boy Scrapbook - Getting Ready

We're busy getting ready for our baby boy!  The car seat came in the mail a few days ago, the kids were so excited!  Rebekah's baby Mollie had to take a ride!  Last night I spent quite a bit of time making a baby book.  I bought everything a few months ago, but just now got to it.  I am pre-making most of the pages, so I only have to enter in the info and add pictures.  I also did this with Rebekah's book, and it made it much easier to keep up with.  If you're not having a baby of your own, a pre-made baby book makes a wonderful baby shower gift!  A friend of mine gave me one for Caleb, and I loved it!

Want to make one?  Here are my blank pdf files for you:

Baby Book
Family Tree Baby Book
Baby Book Growth and Favorites

I already filled out a lot of the personal information, so I had to cover up some of it when I took the pictures...  I used my Cricut to cut out all the words for my titles, the Plantin cartridge.

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