Monday, January 9, 2012

Cc Cows Homeschool Highlights in MFW

This week we learned about Cows and where our food comes from.  Our bible words were "God's word helps me grow".  Milk helps us grow physically, and God's word helps us grow spiritually!  Because Rebekah is allergic to cows milk, we also learned how soy milk is made.  We also decided to skip having the dairy party recommended in the teacher's manual. 

Homemade butter!  This was fun for me as well as the kids.  We put heavy cream in some glass jars and shook it until my arms were going to fall off!  But it was pretty amazing when it just turned from foamy cream to butter and whey.  We made cornbread muffins to have our butter on, it was delicious!  (Rebekah has a special dairy free margarine).

Here's Caleb doing one of his worksheets.  He still has a hard time sitting during the blend ladder, but we're working on persevering for 5 minutes at a time.  He did get excited this day because he read a few of the words by himself!  I have noticed that he gets mad if I try to point out words he should know in a book while we're reading, he just wants to hear the story.  But, I pulled out some sight word flashcards, and he seems to like going through those, weird!  I wish I could find some easy books that he could read, but all the ones I've found have letters/sounds that we haven't covered yet.    

 We made a paper farm, using printables on this website

Our books, and one DVD I found at the library.  Caleb especially liked The Story of Ferdinand.

The tactile activity we did was cover a C with cornmeal (above).  

They painted a picture of the nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle, and we tried to do a letter C word search (a little too advanced for Caleb still). 


  1. have Caleb use the reading sight. it is free and teaches them how to read really well.
    Kim H

  2. is a great website!


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