Friday, January 20, 2012

Lined Fabric Bucket

Isn't this an adorable fabric bucket?  It's going to go on the changing table in the baby's room to hold some diaper supplies.  I followed a tutorial by Inspired by Family Magazine.  I used a bowl to make the circle for the bottom, and then measured the circumference to figure out the length of the side.  I already had some rip away interfacing, so I used that to make it stiffer, being careful not to rip it!  I think it worked great! 

I may make a smaller one, or maybe a square one after I figure out how to organize the changing table. We're a little behind on getting the baby's room set up, we still haven't moved Rebekah out of the room and into her brothers!  This weekends project is moving her and putting up the crib... only 10 days to my due date!


  1. 10 days.... how exciting, Casey! I remember the feeling well. Oh, the joy and blessing of a new little one. :o)

    Your fabric bucket is adorable. A lovely way to keep baby's things organized.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Thank you! I hope you have a nice weekend too!

  3. I love it! So glad our tutorial was helpful!
    congrats on your soon to arrive bundle of joy!


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