Friday, January 27, 2012

Changing Table Pad

I remember how often little boys pee when you take off their diaper!  I made this cute little pad to put on the changing table, so at least I won't have to change the changing pad cover as often (I only have 2 covers).  It is flannel on one side, and vinyl covered cotton on the other side.  I've never tested iron on vinyl in the washing machine, so I'm hoping it'll be okay!  I plan on air drying it though.

I made it 15 x 20 inches, and used iron on vinyl to cover the green polka dotted cotton fabric.  Just sew around the edges with right sides together, turn, and top stitch around the entire thing closing the opening!

I was planning on making two, but I ran out of vinyl...


  1. You have the BEST ideas, and I can't believe how much time your find to sew. I really enjoy reading your posts (hopefully that's not stalking, lol!)

    Best wishes with the new baby!

  2. Thank you Dawn, I don't mind you stalking! Most of my sewing projects are short ones and only take and hour or so. I'm able to sew during nap time and sometimes in the evening.


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